I've Moved!

Back in May, I left Barcelona and moved to a small town outside of Geneva, Switzerland. I chose to move primarily for family reasons but also because as much as I love Barcelona and my friends there, it didn't feel like my forever home - and at 38, you don't stick around when you feel that way. 

Although I grew-up in Switzerland, I left at 20 and have rarely been back until last year when, due to family issues, I spent a couple months here and realised how much I missed it. I missed the views, the peace & quiet, the air, the eco-conscious lifestyle, the proximity to my beloved Paris and Milano, and the list goes on. 

I have also decided to close down my corporate consulting company and give in to my creative side by opening an interiors concept store. So basically, I am undergoing a total life overhaul! 

This story is just beginning, expect to read more about the trials and tribulations of starting a new life after yet another move, starting a new business in yet another country, making friends in your late 30s and living in close proximity to family (#nocomment). 

In the meantime, here are some photos of the area I'm living in.