Let's Talk Deodorants

Over the years, the deodorant market has substantially changed due to various studies on the impact deodorants were having on our bodies and our environment, thus making today's deodorant options very different from the ones I had over a couple decades ago when I started using it!

Here's a short history of the deodorant according to my armpits:

Ahhh, the long gone era of the aerosol deodorant! My puberty was drowned in Impulse! (remember that? so tacky!) We were then informed that there was such a thing as Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in our aerosol deodorants, hairsprays etc, which was severly damaging the ozone layer, in fact we were burning a hole right over Australia, putting our darling Aussies and potentially all of humanity at risk of skin cancer amongst other horrors! Bye bye aerosol, hello roll-on. 

Then along came the studies stating that antipersperants (which plugs our sweat glands) and the common deodorant (which kills bacteria on our skin) were potentially linked to breast cancer and even Alzheimers. The no plugging of the sweat glands makes sense to me - why would you prevent our body from secreting what it is meant secrete?! Madness!

So I started looking for a clean deodorant that wasn't an antipersperant, killing two birds with one nice smelling stone, and at the time (circa mid to late '00), my only option was to go to my local healthfood shop and try various natural/organic/clean/toxic-free deodorants... When I say various I mean 2 or 3 as at the time, there were only a couple options available and the infamous crystal which simply does not work! So I went back to my faithful Vichy roll-on! Made a couple further attempts a few years later when I was living in Seattle since Whole Foods had an elaborate range of non-toxic deodorants but still no luck! 

Until one day, GOOP publishes a guide to not-toxic deodorants and since I'm on a kick to convert all my household & beauty products from to toxic to clean, I decided to try one of them: Schmidt's Ylang Ylang + Calendula stick deodorant. It works!! FINALLY! 3rd time's a charm! My glands, breasts and mind are safe!! One downside though: GOOP claims that the stick "glides on like silk" - um no, I am literally exfoliating my armpits everytime I put it on. But my glands, breasts and mind are safe!! You can buy from here or if not, try Amazon.