Bibliothèque by BYREDO

Ben Gorham's BYREDO, founded in 2006, has gone from being a fringe Swedish perfume label to a global luxury goods brand over a ten year span. I've always found their branding incredibly attractive: their font, their choice of black & crisp white, their packaging, perfectly timeless! They have also managed to make slight shifts to their branding over the years, whether subtly updating their logo or improving their packaging, without ever losing touch with their initial brand image.

I have yet to find a BYREDO scent that works for me, although I loved their collaboration scent with the magazine Fantastic Man, which I bought for an ex - they have since changed the name of the scent to Sunday Cologne, not sure why...

I just bought my first candle by them - Bibliothèque. BYREDO created a holiday season version of their three iconic candles: Bibliothèque, Cotton Poplin and Fleur Fantôme. I chose Bibliothèque because I love that dark green glass. Lucky for me, the candle smells scrumptious too! 

What's your favorite BYREDO scent or candle?