Save The Duck


Bam, 31st of August and Fall has arrived in Switzerland! We have had such a hot and heavy Summer that the rain along with the fresh air have brought some much needed respite! his change in temperature also means a closet switch which is always exciting - you get to purge, recycle and more importantly shop.

This is my first Winter in a cold climate in quite a few years so I am going to have to review my coat situation - I'm more of a layers gal but that may not fly here! Also, I will need something waterproof... I'm not a fan of the super commercial/environmentally unconscious brands like Canada Goose or Moncler, nor do I want to go super mountainy with brands like North Face or Patagonia, so I was happy when my friend Silvia told me about Save The Duck

Save The Duck is an Italian brand that makes fantastic eco-conscious and cruelty free jackets + their products are a 100% animal free, ie. no feathers, fur or leather! Of course I immediately bought a jacket - mine is their Reversible Hoodie Jacket, red on one side and khaki on the other, plus it 'shmushes' into a mini bag which means it's perfect for travelling with! 

So if you're a conscious consumer looking for a cool city to mountain jacket like me, do check them out and spread the word as we need to stand behind brands like these.