A New Year, A New Scent

It's been a while since I bought a new perfume. I used to wear perfume everyday but these days, I haven't done so, mainly because I am not a fan of mixing scents - you have your deodorant, hair oil, face oil, body cream, it all gets a bit chaotic! Another thing that's changed is that in the past, I was loyal to the one perfume, I'd wear the same perfume for years (Angel by Thierry Mugler, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel and Allure by Chanel) but every since I hit my 30s, I've wanted some variety so I branched out... Unsuccessfully. I have yet to find a new perfume I loved as much as those three. I now have a pretty antique silver tray full of perfumes I don't really use! 

So what do I do? I buy yet another perfume! This year, I bought Loewe's new perfume, 001. Loewe describe the scent as "001 blends an upper register of tangerine and bergamot and a sandalwood middle section with lower hints of jasmine and vanilla." For me it is definitely a F/W perfume as it is too strong for S/S, and anyways, I'll continue using Tom Ford's 'Mandarino di Amalfi'. I am not sure it is my scent, but I do love it plus the packaging is so of the moment, see photo above (swoon).  

What perfume are you using at the moment? What perfume will you always go back to? Any perfume faux-pas? Do tell.