Girls S4E5 - "Sit-In"

I love and hate Lena Dunham's show "Girls" for the exact same reason - it rings so damn true. Being a 20something girl can be hard, you do not always understand what's going on around you, you rarely make the right decisions, do not give yourself enough credit and put up with shit from others that you shouldn't have to put up with, leading to great woes that bloody hurt and often resulting in a lack of self-respect.

In some ways, I felt more uncomfortable in my 20s than I did in my teens. In my teens, I was very instinctual, I did and felt intensely, thought and loved irrationally, and as the youngest in my group, looked up at the world going around me, amazed. I felt like a spectator often and sometimes, I would loom down from the skies and perform some rash act then bolt back-up to my safe cloud in the mountains. In my 20s, I was on that damn earth, in ongoing traffic, facing it all head on. It was exhausting.

In my 30s, I have come to learn how to stand-up for and preserve myself which is why watching Hannah & her friends go through, the rawness of their experiences can be excruciating to watch at times. Last night was no different. Seeing Hannah break-up with her long time love Adam broke my heart a little - we all could have told her that it would end this way but what good would that have done, she had to see it for herself, as we all had to when we were in Hannah's shoes. 

This is the song that was playing as Hannah left Adam after the break-up talk and went to find her things that he had put in a storage unit, where she chooses to spend the night - heartbreaking.