Palo Alto Market

Palo Alto Market is a new Barcelona institution: a monthly street market with food trucks, art, design, vintage and hand-made products as well as music and street performances. The market's aim is to create forum for Barcelona's independent creatives to showcase and ultimately sell their pieces but it seems to be doing more than that, it's creating a community of like-minded people... feel like you have you heard that before? It's the official slogan of the 'hipster' movement. In fact, it's a brief phrase which likely sums up any non-political movement. Either way, I was amused at all of the pervasive street styles - a lot of funky sneakers, asymmetric haircuts (unfortunate fringes/bangs?), statement eyewear, thrift shop items and poorly laid-on red lipstick... My joiner fashion contribution were my Stan Smiths & Illesteva sunglasses, I tried, non?

What I ended-up appreciating the most, was the location in which the market was held - an old leather factory. A short history of said factory: illustrator Javier Mariscal (his animated film Chico & Rita is a gem, it's on Netflix, check it out) discovered the old, decrepit space which he quickly picked-up and turned into his studio. With the help of his brother, Santi Marsical, and landscaper José Farriol, they turned the space into a luscious garden (which caused me much envy & mediterranean country home inspiration) and creative compound by the name of Palo Alto, with nearly two dozen art studios and offices for architects, animators, sculptors, photographers and, of course, Estudio Mariscal - they even have a staff cantina which is open to the public! 

If you're in Barcelona on a sunny day and want to avoid the tourists in the center of town or at the beach, take a detour to Poble Nou barrio for a perusal of the magical gardens and a spot of lunch at Palo Alto, 30-38 Carrer dels Pellaires!