BCN Visitors - Mams

December was a very busy month: my mother was in town, dentist visits for both us + plus a load of work! (that's my excuse for neglecting the blog...)

One of the highlights of my mother's visit was a lunch we had at Saboc in the Born - Saboc's menu is divided not by courses but by temperature, from cold to very, very hot, pointedly self-labeled as 'temperature cuisine'. The concept is order to share - my mother & I chose against sharing since none of our menu choices matched (mothers!!) however it ended-up being to my advantage as my truffle rigatoni was so delicious my mother would have had to wrench it away from me to try some! Another plus to visiting Saboc is the decor, I have to find out who designed the space.

Here's a photo of Mams at Cornelia & Co, one of my local faves for lunch!