A boozy Saturday in Gracia...

My friend Stephanie and her boyfriend Jason are in town from London this weekend, staying with Martin & Manuel, so we'd planned to catch-up for lunch today - Martin had us meet at La Vermu in Gracia (Carrer Sant Domènec, 15), a vermuteria that I've been meaning to try out. I hadn't had breakfast yet so swooshing down two quick vermuts before lunch had me all merry. Every time I'm in Gracia on the weekend, I find myself enjoying how lively it is with young families making the most of their local shops & cafes, La Vermu did not disappoint on that front as it was full of parents talking & drinking away while their kids played on amongst themselves, giving the place a very cozy feel. After our aperitivo, Martin had reserved us a table at La Pubilla (Plaça de Libertat, 23) for lunch, a minimalist "market to table" restaurant just opposite Gracia's Llibertat market. The food from La Pubilla's daily menu was delicious, the wine aplenty, our waiter was hot, so all in all, we had a lovely time. Their menu is made for sharing so we tried a fair few dishes - my favorites were the steak tartar, the aubergine caviar, the cod with calçots & romesco and all the desserts (lemon & vodka sorbet, lemon meringue tart and truffles). I'd say that La Pubilla is to Barcelona what The Walrus & The Carpenter is to Seattle.

After lunch, we walked over to Casa Fuster for a cocktail in their luscious velour bar then made it to mine where we made our way through my liquor cabinet while playing Cards Against Humanity. Mariana, (a fellow Getty Images alum) was in town for work from FLA and joined us, aiding us on our path to debauchery! 

Fun times... tomorrow will be rough!

Disclaimer - photos taken from Google as I was too boozed-up to take my own