BCN Visitors - Amanda

My friend Amanda came to visit - we became friends while working at Getty Images both in London and Seattle. Amanda now lives in Seattle but was in London for work so popped over to BCN for the weekend. It was Amanda's birthday so I reserved us a table in a restaurant I wanted to try out, Pepito. Now it's quite an interesting restaurant: all the waiters are tall & broad men, they all wear brown waist to floor leather aprons and get very close & personal when describing their menu to you. At first I thought that maybe it was the bottle of cava we'd drank before getting to the restaurant that may have lead me to believe that the waiters were all acting out their romance novel fantasies (maître d'homme, when sitting us at our table: "we chose this table for you so that you can watch us as we work" *side smile, wink*) but when our dessert arrived (bottom right photo), I knew I wasn't seeing things!! Regardless of the 50 Shades of Grey connotations delivered by the wait staff, the food & wine was delicious and the cognac from Cadiz was spectacular, I had no idea Spain made cognac! We finished the evening off on the roof terrace of Hotel Omm as Barcelona always deserves to be seen from above!