The Row

Somewhere in the back of my curious mind, I recall hearing that the Olsen twins had launched their own brand but I guess I was never curious enough to investigate further... until now.

I came across this article on WWD with a fantastic photo shoot of the flagship store for The Row, the Olsen twins brand. The Twins chose a spectacular midcentury modern LA space for their first store, the kind of architecture you'll have a hard time finding anywhere outside of LA or Palm Springs - it gives me design butterflies! I can't speak for the clothes as I have still not found the urge to look into it any further but here are some photos of the space from the WWD article.

There is something quite obscure and extraterrestrial about the Olsen twins, they were famous as child actors, they no longer act yet they have grown-up and become style icons, dating bizarros like the Sarkozy brother and launching their own brand. This article gives you a little insight into their nature: "in case anyone decides to take the plunge (into the pool), a leather basket of neatly rolled beach towels has been thoughtfully placed nearby" - how much fun would it be to go shopping, then jump in the pool, then continue shopping. Next time I make it to LA, I will definitely visit the store.