BCN Visitors - Silvia

I knew that when I got to Barcelona, I'd be getting loads of visits from my friends! So far I've had Sophie (London), Erin & Dan (Seattle via Paris), Valentina & family (Milano), Berengere (Paris), this weekend it was Silvia (Milano) and next week it's Amanda (Seattle via London). 

I hadn't seen Silvia since 2012, when she came to Seattle to visit me and we then went off to Hawaii (Maui & Big Island) for a couple weeks, so it was great to catch up in person. Our goal for this weekend was getting our bodies & minds to the beach for some relaxing & suntanning! On Saturday, we went to the beach in Barceloneta, lunch at El Gallito then back home for rest before getting ready for a night out! We tried out this restaurant I'd heard about called Big Fish in the Born, the restaurant design was nice but the food was too oily/flavourless and the atmosphere was dull. It's a shame as it had potential!

On Sunday, we went for brunch at Granja Petitbo (my favorite) then off to the beach in Garraf - by 5pm, it was still 30C in the shade... a hot day!  We were so beat by the heat when we got back, that we ordered Indian and watched a movie... Life is hard, I'm telling you!

PS: I have to start checking out more new places for coffee, brunches/lunches, HH, cocktails and dinners, will make more of a conscious effort to visit them with my SLR and post reviews here! Next on my list is Taranna and Satan's Coffee Corner.