Pinteresting: the Pineapple

Last year, MamaKikoy was decorating her home in Barcelona in a Tropical/Colonial chic style - she grew-up in Kenya you see, so she has a natural feeling for it and the result is a classy, peaceful and inspirational space, no tackiness whatsoever which can be a risk with that style. At the time, Zara Home (give them credit, it's due), was way ahead of the curve and had some tropical style items, including these gold pineapple lamp bases which were fabulous (see first photo) - MamaKikoy swiftly snapped them up and promptly placed them on her bedside tables with nondescript white lampshades thus counteracting any chichi-ness protruding from the base. Since then, we've been pinning pineapples on our shared Pinterest board and have come to realise that we no longer have to seek them out, because PINEAPPLES ARE EVERYWHERE!!

Here is a curated selection from our Pinterest board: