A Barcelona Weekend

This weekend was another chilled one in BCN - I indulged in cooking on Saturday, spent the afternoon watching episodes of Buffy (I have such a soft spot for Giles) while doing laundry... I really need to start making friends! Sunday, my mum (who is still in town - week 4) and I went for brunch in Gracia at a lovely restaurant called Cafe Godot - FamilyKikoy introduced me to the place, it's cute and the food is tasty plus they have a pretty courtyard terrace they'll be opening for the Summer. I was amazed at how Gracia has changed since I lived here last, it's no longer the artsy/independentista barrio it used to be but where the 30'something hip Barcelonian professionals (with kids in tow) spend their Sundays. It was nice to walk through the small, car-less, treelined streets  and avoid the weekend tourists who must have flocked to the beach since it was such a sunny day. On the way home, we had coffees at a terrace in the warm sun then stopped by Jaime Beriestain (a concept store & restaurant that deserves its own post) to buy flowers & desserts... All together a nice weekend!

PS: While looking online for a restaurant to brunch at, I came across this funny travel blog 60by80, Queen Sized Travel - they describe themselves as "60by80 sets out to be the definitive travel guide for the online and mobile modern gay traveller". One of the brunch suggestion posts made me laugh out loud: "Good for breakfast, brunch, lunch or a late snack, just be aware of the crowd of boys waiting outside for their table at Flamant if you should get tempted by the sugary treats on your way out. Only because there’s nothing elegant or flirtatious about walking whilst trying to stuff a cupcake in your mouth." So gay! Haha!