shopping online for photographic prints & albums...

With digital photography having taken over analog a while back, I have stopped printing photos and making albums, largely because I cannot find a decent, affordable physical or online photo studio to order from. I found that the tones & definition of my printed images never turned out as they did on my computer which was beyond disappointing. I still remember what it was like after a holiday, dropping your film off at the photo shop and rushing back to pick-up the photos to see how they turned out, reminiscing with friends over the fun moments captured on film, I even miss the album creation process! Che melancholia!

A couple years ago I discovered Pinhole Press when looking for a good quality online photo book option to replace the photo albums of the past. I have had some previous traumatising photo book printing experiences with online companies so I was delighted to see how easy to use the book designer tool was, and more importantly, how well the books came out - the quality of the paper and images was spotless. I've made some books for myself, made some as gifts for friends and even made a calendar or two. The only downside is that they only deliver to US & Canada which is a bummer - I'm going to have to time my orders with friends visiting from the US.

Since Pinhole Press, more companies have come on the scene providing similar offerings. Artifact Uprising stands out because you can print Instagram friendly books! I also love their Wood Block Prints - photo cards are printed in a Polaroid format and then sat in a wood block that is "handcrafted in Colorado using beetle-kill pine reclaimed from our forests", can you get more hipster than that?? The end result is cool nonetheless.

Photojojo allows you to make your own Engineer Prints which are 'all the rage' at the moment - engineer prints are large scale, lo-fi, black & white prints that people like Laure Joliet and Julia Kostreva are selling. Photojojo just charges $25 for the print + free shipping within the US. I haven't yet used their service but definitely want to try it out, I just need the perfect image! 

PS: I am still however looking for an online photo studio that simply prints good quality photos... so if you know of a good one, let me know!

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