I love coffee... I really do.

Yes, it's a fact - I love coffee, I really do!

In Italy, the bar coffee is delicious, I have never had such a good cappuccino or espresso macchiato as when I lived there, it has to do with the machines they use, the temperature of the milk, etc, baristas in Italy have mastered (invented?) the art of coffee making. BUT the coffee itself all tastes the same as the one you make at home, there is definitely something comforting in that but I'm a girl who seeks variety.

In the US, you have access to fair trade coffee from around the world, it's like wine, so many diverging flavours in one cup of coffee! After sampling a lot of varieties, East African coffee has become my favourite. Stumptown's and La Colombe's African single origin coffees are what I'm currently sipping at home.

My friend Ryan, who lived in Barcelona for a few years before moving to Seattle, told me about this shop in El Born that roasts their own coffee, Cafés El Magnífico, I went there for a cortado when Erin & Dan were visiting, it was really good. Will have to try their coffee once my current stock is finished.

What are your coffee habits?