Sofia Coppola's Office

Sofia Coppola is a woman I admire creatively - I find her movies really captivating visually, auditorily and scripturally, even the ones that did not get critically acclaimed such as Somewhere which I thought was brilliant (I haven't seen The Bling Ring, I just rented iTunes and will watch this weekend). Her collaboration with Louis Vuitton, the simply named "SC Bag", is drool worthy and the only LV bag I'd ever consider buying (that's not entirely true but let's say it is for drama's sake). She was married to Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich, Her) and is now married to Thomas Mars (Phoenix). She was also the famed muse of Marc Jacobs. She basically surrounds herself with creative people of all mediums. What an inspiring lifestyle she must lead. 

The above photos of Sofia Coppola's NYC office are taken from a Le Monde article which you can find here. I enjoy her office space, it's simple, fun, idiosyncratic and stylish like she is. If my office wasn't also my guest room, I'd get some low shelving & a sofa in there. I can't wait for my shipping from the US to arrive, that way I can start putting a personal touch on the space as does Sofia above.