Pinteresting: Birkenstock

So, the fashion elephant in the room of SS'14: the Birkenstock is back. Now, as a European, I have many a negative connotation towards them... I either picture American students backpacking across Europe, dressed head to toe in College gear and wearing Birkenstocks AND socks. OR. I picture Germans, of the rye bread eating Lutheran persuasion, wearing frocks, socks and Birkenstocks. I had no intention of creating a rhyme - Birkenstocks should not rhyme. 

Of course this trend is all over Pinterest, so here's a selection. I have to say, these girls pull it off - you have to be skinny, I think.

Certain brands have created their own version which I can actually get on board with. The first are a high end version by Céline, and the second are by Spanish brand Uterqüe which you can buy here.

Yay or nay?