Celeste E Verde

Before moving to the States a couple years ago, I read about this clothing store in New York called Maryam Nassir Zadeh which I swore I would go to when I was visiting the Big Apple. I got to NYC last November with one of the worst flus ever and achieved possibly 1/10th of what I wanted to see in this amazing city - and no, I did not make it to the MNZ store. I will definitely make it back to NYC this year or next and visit (more precisely shop at) the store because I really like the items Maryam sources, most of which I am sure are hard to find in Europe.

This video, was a collaboration Maryam did for MAKE Cosmetics, it is shot with such warm colours and has such a dreamy LA feel to it that not only does it make me want to buy MAKE Cosmetics, it makes me want to move to LA (a feeling I used to get in Seattle at least once a week). 

From T Mag: "In the short, shown for the first time here, the independent filmmaker Alexa Karolinski worked with Zadeh and the makeup artist Ozzy Salvatierra to bring the line’s cool, contemporary California palette — powdery blues, bronzes and buttery yellows — to life. Shot in Zadeh’s hometown of Los Angeles, it stars the artist and industrial designer Ana Kras wearing a series of vivid makeup looks as she wanders through gardens, bites a sharply hued tangerine, splashes in pools of water and, at one point, paints gold onto her skin with a brush."