Pinteresting: Ficus Lyrata

Lately every bedroom, kitchen, hallway or office photo on Pinterest has a Ficus Lyrata in it! It took me a while to figure out what the plant was exactly - at first I thought it could have been a fig tree until a brave Pinner posted its latin name along with the photo. I managed to buy myself one in Barcelona, it was not easy to find as their plant/flower situation here leaves a lot to be desired (am still looking for air plants to recreate the terrarium I had to leave behind in Seattle...). Here are some Ficus Lyrata photos taken from Pinterest as well as a photo of mine which I ended up placing in my bedroom.

  1. The Design Chaser
  2. Her New Tribe
  3. Little Green Notebook
  4. Seesaw
  5. my Ficus Lyrata photo, I put it in a beaded basket I got from Zara Home