Cafe Kafka

There's a great blog I've been following for a while now called Petite Passport. It's a travel blog that focuses on "Hotspots" for the design conscious (such as bars, restaurants and hotels), in cities where the blogger, Pauline Egge, travels to. Lucky for me, Mis Egge travels to Barcelona a lot so I have been slowly making my way through her list of favourite BCN must-gos, one of which is Cafe Kafka in the El Born barrio. 

I must say, the decor is lovely - different coloured velour chairs and benches, sputnik lamps, a glamorous bar but... the food is just 'ok' which doesn't tie with their a la carte prices. They have a great lunch menu however: 3 courses + a drink + a coffee for 15 Euros and both times I've been, I've had sparkling water + at least 2 glasses of wine and they have never charged me more. I am slowly discovering that Barcelona, like Paris, is all about the lunch menu!