My Home Office

As I mentioned earlier, I am starting my own project management/consulting firm. Since I'm my only employee, I'm working from home. Guess what I am most excited about? Designing my office! It's also my guest room therefore it couldn't take-up too much space but I didn't want it to feel cramped either, so I went with a light, fresh theme. I wanted drawers that could hide all my clutter away because I have a tendency towards procrastination so I don't want anything lying around that I could faff about! I also bought Laure Joliet's "Todos" print which I will hang on the wall above behind my desk with some washi tape - you can find the print here.

  • Desk & Drawers: Ikea
  • Chair: Eames Aluminium Group Chairs (knock-off)
  • Lamp: Habitat
  • Rug: Zara Home
  • Stationery: Muji 

Could you work there? What's your home office like?