New life... time to start blogging?

Life changes so quickly sometimes, it catches you completely off guard. 

I had been working at Getty Images for nearly 10 yrs when I was laid-off October last year. It was a shock but I instantly knew it was a blessing in disguise; as my boss was telling me the news, I could feel the mixed feelings bubbling inside me: excitement and fear. 

When I was in my twenties, I never believed I'd work somewhere more than a couple years at a time, yet here I was, in my thirties, still working for the same company 9 yrs in. I had wanted to leave more times than I could count, but the security of a decent corporate job, steady income, with friends as colleagues, having been promoted a fair few times as well as the opportunity to live in London, Milan and finally Seattle, I stuck around. So, on that late sunny Fall afternoon, as I was finding out I lost my job, future opportunities and an overwhelming sense of freedom came over me. I began plotting...

What to do? Stay in Seattle? Leave? Go where? Work for another big corporate machine such as Amazon or Microsoft? Start my own consulting firm? Sell everything and go travelling? Go to Africa and volunteer? 

I decided to try and stay in Seattle where I had been building a life over the last couple years  but the universe had other plans for me - after trying hard to stay, I ended-up having to leave due to visa issues. The next question was, where to land?

The US was the 7th country I'd lived in by that point (England, Switzerland, France, Spain, Australia, Italy then US) - I decided to go back to a place I'd lived in before, somewhere close to friends as opposed to landing somewhere entirely new (Berlin? Amsterdam?); let's be honest, change is not always easy and sometimes you just have to admit you need your people by your side. So I settled on Barcelona and here I am. And this is my blog.