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My name is Béatrice – I chose the pseudonym Leeloo years ago when I was creating my first email address and needed a 'cool' alias; at the time, I loved the film The 5th Element by Luc Besson, in which the main character was called Leeloominai something something... in the movie, Leeloo turns out to be a conduit of the 5th element, and the 5th element turns out to be love, and love saves the world. Yes, yes, I'm an idealist, a utopist, deal with it!

I'm half-English/half-French, I grew-up in Switzerland where I went to international schools and made friends from around the world. I have lived in 7 countries, over 3 continents, speak 4 languages and am now currently living in Barcelona, Spain. As you can tell, I'm addicted to change and need to communicate, especially as I love breaking down the barriers of both national and cultural stygmas. However, everywhere I live, I have found it important to create a home, that way regardless of where I am, I always have that feeling of belonging to a place. These days that means lagging around a cat, a lot of furniture, artwork, books, clothes and too many shoes/handbags!

I am passionate about my friends, interior design, food and wine, politics, art and culture, yet my work has nothing to do with that: I'm a project manager/consultant for Legal, Finance & Tax orgs within the media, internet and technology sectors. Having said that, I believe my creative nature is what makes me good at my job - every project is a blank canvas, all my team members are actors and after dredging our way through complex projects, the finished product often feels like a work of art!

I'm continuously searching for inspiration visually, intellectually and emotionally, a blog is a great way to express that. Looking forward to connecting with you, so if you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Be selective in your battles,
sometimes peace is better than being right.

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