BCN Visitors - Larissa aka Laranouche!

My childhood best friend came to visit me this past weekend! I can't remember the last time we just hung out and chatted for hours like that!! Viens nous revoir bientôt ma Laranouche! xxx

Pinteresting: To Wall Gallery or Not to Wall Gallery



I've been seeing a lot of wall galleries on Pinterest lately and am contemplating whether or not to do it in my new place. Wall galleries can either look messy or anal, so how do you find the middle ground?? Here are some thoughts on what could make a wall gallery hit that middle ground -

  • don't use just one coloured frame, e.g. don't go with all black
  • don't use just one art medium, mix it up, e.g. illustrations, photography, drawings, paintings, etc...
  • don't place them frames to close together or too wide apart
  • don't overthink it, start with one and just go with the flow

Here are some examples from Pinterest, some which I like and others which I don't so much! What do you think about the wall gallery, yay or nay?


On Saturday, my friend MamaKikoy and I went to a pop-up interiors market organised by Singulares, an online interior design magazine based in Madrid, Spain's answer to Lonny. The market was held in this great events space a few blocks from the Sagrada Familia called Ailaic. We went there with high hopes for Christmas shopping and came out with not much but the place was packed with happy shoppers, it just wasn't really our style. Luckily, we got to finally try out CaravanMade's sandwiches - my Yellow Submarine (coconut chicken curry sandwich) was delish!


I haven't finished decorating nor have I all the furniture I need but here are a couple shots of the street facing part of my apartment! As you can see, the sofa and table have arrived, they're better than I expected and fit the space brilliantly. I did not mean for Aria to be in every photo, she's just camera hungry and strategically placed herself there every time! 

SNL - Jim Carrey

I have such a soft spot for Jim Carrey, I cannot tell you how many times I've seen Ace Ventura: Pet Detective or Dumb & Dumber! I made it a point to watch last weekend's SNL with Carrey as a host, as expected, he didn't disappoint! I loved the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ad parody, especially the AllState bit... Check it out below!

The Power of Vulnerability

My friend Soph mentioned this TED Talk to me the other day, advising me to see it. I had never heard of the speaker Brené Brown before but I love that her area of study is human connection, it amazes me (in a good way) that there is such a specification - it's something that comes so easily to some and so difficultly to others, there really must be limitless research possibilities in that field. 

The underlying theme of the TED Talk was 'expanding perception' but more specifically in Brené's case, the power of being vulnerable - she talks about how the biggest barrier to true human connection is shame, thus, to truly connect with others, one must be openly vulnerable. As someone who finds true vulnerability far past daunting, this video really rang true to me.

What do you think of this premise? 

Light games

My new apartment has amazing light which is one of the reasons I chose it... I can watch light play on my walls for longer than I'd ever admit, I am a day dreamer, what can I say! I took this shot the other day of my cat, Aria, giving herself her daily bath in a pool of light, beautiful.


My friend Erin introduced me last year to an English based shoe brand by the name of Grenson and I instantly fell for their modern take on the classic derby, oxford, loafer, brogue, etc... William Green, founder of Grenson, learnt the shoe trade from his mother then opened his first factory in 1874; Grenson was one of the first brands to use the Goodyear welt construction method and still dominates the shoe industry thanks to Tim Little who took over the brand in 2005, turning it around and making it into the forward thinking that we know today. I have been enjoying following their Instagram feed, very inspiring as Autumn is upon us...

Here are my Grensons - the Jessie (in tan) and the Jasmine. I must say, they are the most comfortable non-sneaker shoes I own! What are your favorite everyday shoes?